FRI, SAT, August 31, Sept 1, 2012

SHEEN TEAM -- After ordering ninety episodes of Charlie Sheen's sitcom, "Anger Management," the FX Channel has signed Charlie's dad, Martin, to play his on-screen dad.  When asked if he thought he'd have any problems working with his volatile son, Martin said, "Hey, after spending two years in a Philippine jungle with Marlon Brando filming "Apocalypse Now," how hard can it be?"


RHYME TIME -- Major cash cow for Ruff-House Records, rapper Beanie Sigel, awaiting the start of a prison term for tax evasion, was charged with carrying a concealed firearm.  At least the judge sentenced him in language he understands:  "Beanie, ten more years to learn your lesson -- five for Smith and five for Wesson."

KING'S CLOTHES -- Underwear once owned by Elvis Presley is up for auction and, according to experts, may fetch bids as high as $15,000.  Adding to the historical value of the King's red, polka-dot boxer shorts, is the fact they were the subject of a song on the flip side of "Blue Suede Shoes."  "Whatever You Do, Don't Wrinkle My Fruit-of-the-Looms."

KEEN SCREEN -- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute warns people who use their Kindles, I-Pads or computers two hours before bedtime risk a sleepless night.  Seems the back lit screens fool the body into believing it's daytime and reduces the production of sleep-inducing melatonin up to 22%.  On the plus side, if you've spent the two hours watching porn, you're up and ready to go.

KIM DANDY -- Kim Kardashian has settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Old Navy whom she claimed had advertised similar clothing to her line using a lookalike model.  Settlement terms were undisclosed.  Next, she plans to sue the new navy demanding stronger drinks at officers clubs and longer liberties for enlisted men.

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