FRI, SAT, August 17, 18, 2012

ECUADOR SLAMMED -- The UK will not allow Julian Assange, Wiki Leaks founder, to seek political asylum in Ecuador but he will be extradited to Sweden.  What has the Crown's panties in a twist -- his leaks of Iraq war intel?  Afghan war intel?  Not quite.  His big mistake was leaking the plot of the London Olympics opening ceremony.


FORE! -- Long Island's popular Tam O'Shanter Golf & Country Club was recently raided by vice officers who found known prostitutes working as starters, pro shop clerks, and nude dancers gyrating as members teed off.  In fact, that's what tipped the cops.  Nobody could hit the fairway, launching their errant drives into oncoming traffic on the adjoining expressway.

PAINED PANES -- Firefighters from eight  counties in Washington state rushed to quell a wildfire that broke out in the hills just east of Seattle, threatening about thirty luxury homes.  Police at first suspected arson but it just turned out to be Bill Gates destroying all remaining evidence of Windows 7.  

ANCHOR LAP -- The Presidential Debate Commission has chosen three experienced TV anchors to moderate the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates --  CBS's Bob Schieffer,  PBS's Jim Leher and CNN's Candy Crowley.  Did I say three?  Plan on four if Candy tumbles off her diet again.

UNFRIENDED -- Facebook stock plummeted another 6% after the 90-day lock-up preventing half of the initial investors from selling expired.  Only last May the stock was floated at $38 per share and has declined steadily ever since, closing Wednesday at $19.87.  Even Facebook users are noticing the failing company's walls, once solid for photos and messages, are cracked, crumbling and some barely standing. 

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