TUESDAY, August 28, 202

TOPSIDER -- Quickly segueing from Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Maria Shriver, country warbler Taylor Swift is reportedly dating Robert Kennedy, Jr's 18- year old son Coner.  So serious are the couple, she's rented a house near the Kennedy compound and has sailed with Conor -- or, as the Kennedys call it "Swift Boating." 

GRIM GREENERY -- En route to a dismal tie for 39th place in the Barkley's Playoff, Tiger Woods for the first time in his pro career posted four 3-putts in a single round. Even worse -- also a first -- he had to settle for only six bimbos that night.


ONE SMALL STEP -- French drivers are about to storm the Bastille over a new law requiring them to carry an alcohol "Breath-a-lizer" kit behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Applicable also to visiting tourists, most of them consider the law a step in the right direction since it could lead to the development of a "Rude-o-meter." 

SUPER STAR OF RENT-A-CAR -- Longtime car rental leader and legendary  O.J.Simpson employer Hertz Rent-a-Car has purchased Thrifty Rent-a-Car for $2.5 million.  Well, not quite.  Actually, Thrifty only got $1.8 million after topping off the tanks of their cars before turning them in. 

UNCLE SAM WINSTON -- Despite criticism, the U.S. military recruiters continue to  advertise at events popular among youth like NASCAR, bass fishing, pro wrestling, truck pulls and demolition derbies.  One small success, though -- no more Marlboro logos or Joe Camel stenciled on the sides of Army Humvees.

EXPEDITION NEW ORLEANS:  Jazz, Crawdads Creole, Crabs, the Caribbean& Mexico --  In November (8 to 18), Bob will journey -- camera in hand -- to New Orleans then, aboard the Norwegian Star, to Costa Maya, Belize City and Cozumel, Mexico, and Roatan, Honduras.  He'll be posting daily photos of his travels at:

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EXPEDITION NEW ORLEANS: Jazz, Crawdads, Creole, Crabs, the Caribbean & Mexico 

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