SUN, MON, August 5, 6, 2012

SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE -- According to Match.com, three quarters of America's eligible singles have dated someone at least once during the past year while Australians report that only half have.  Probably because Down Under it's not considered an official "date" unless the guy ties a kangaroo down or waltzes with someone named Matilda.


PLASMA SUITE -- Nationwide, the stockpile of fresh blood is at dangerously low levels, according to the American Red Cross.  Blamed are increased surgical procedures, a decrease in voluntary donations and the fact that out-of-work actors are hesitant to sell their blood in case they get a call to work in a vampire movie.


FUSSY AUSSIES -- The Australian Legislature in Sydney recently approved a bill allowing tourists to take home souvenir live crocodiles.  Which is odd since Australian citizens themselves aren't allowed to domesticate a lawyer without obtaining a permit issued by the Society For the Preservation of the Outback. 


REBOOT! -- Science Daily reports the average lifespan today is six years longer than it was in 1982 thanks to better diets and regular exercise.  Unfortunately, according to another study commissioned by Microsoft, they spend most of those
extra six years trying to figure out how to send e-mail to their grandchildren.

SATURDAY DELIVERY -- The world will be watching as the Mars Rover Curiosity attempts to learn if life could have survived on the planet.  Not that we'll know the answer right away.  NASA says that it takes 14 minutes for pictures sent from the rover to arrive back in Houston.  That's because they hired scientists from the Post Office to handle communications. 

Perth, Australia 1978 -- Chuck Gouert (left) was an account executive with Benton and Bowles, the ad agency representing Texaco. Here, he’s reviewing the script with Hope and Chris during dress rehearsal. Texaco’s guidance and influence in the production of Hope’s specials improved their quality for the remainder of his career on television.  I took these shots at the Perth Entertainment Centre (Aussie spelling) that had 8300 seats, the last three rows of which -- Hope said in his monologue -- are in Indonesia.  

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