TUESDAY, August 7, 2012

LITTLE CABLE CARS -- Retaining its reputation as one of the most health-conscious cities in the nation, San Francisco has banned smoking (except medical marijuana) at all public outdoor events.  Next, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has promised to address the increasing dangers of second-hand fog.

GRAND OPRAH -- Since Oprah Winfrey left network TV to establish her own cable channel she's lost a quarter of a million dolllars.  But despite her financial woes, she's as generous as ever.  She still hands out free cars to audience members, but now they have to be returned to Avis when the week's rental runs out.

SING YOU SPINNERS -- Penal authorities in California have responded to long-standing complaints that Muslim prisoners weren't allowed to wear the traditional skull cap while non-Muslims could wear ball caps backwards.  The Muslim cons are thrilled with their new prison-issued caps -- but not so much by the striped propellers on top.  

SMALL HARVEST -- In Newport City, Vermont, 34-year old farmer Roger Pion crushed seven Orleans County Sheriff's cruisers by driving his John Deere tractor over them in retaliation for a marijuana possession charge he felt was unjust.  He later told reporters he thinks the cops singled him out because of his disappointing donut crop this year. 

SQUARED CIRCLE -- International boxing officials are decrying the one-sided, obviously biased decisions that have marred Olympic boxing in London.  Despite their denials, the incompetence of some judges is undeniable.  For instance, the chief ringside judge for the men's heavyweight finals was Paula Abdul.

HATS OFF -- At West Point in 1982, most of the cast and crew were assigned rooms in the Hotel Thayer, a comfortable, old, ivy-covered building on the Academy grounds that’s used primarily to house visiting family members.  There was a gift shop in the lobby that offered academy-themed items.  I bought this poster-sized print of an oil painting of a black, fur-plumed drum major’s parade helmet. I carried it around with me all week, collecting the autographs of our guest stars, George C. Scott, Bob Urick, Mickey Rooney, Mary Martin, Brooke Shields, Glen Campbell, Marie Osmond, David Merrick, Sugar Ray Leonard and VP George Bush. I managed to nail them all and didn’t realize until later that I might have a collector’s item. It’s no doubt the only document in existence signed by a Bush and George C. Scott.

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