SUN, MON, August 26, 27, 2012

SHOE SHOE BABY -- The decision of Nike Sports to market the new La Bron James basketball shoe at $315 a pop is not sitting well with many unemployed Americans struggling to get by.  But already, they've become a trendy status symbol for American conspicuous consumption.  Kim Kardashian bought a pair to tie on the bumper of her wedding limo.

BRIDGEWORK -- Woody Allen is currently shooting a movie at locations all over the San Francisco Bay Area.  The last film he shot in the city was "Take the Money and Run" which contains several key scenes that take place in Golden Gate Park.  Woody not only took the money and ran, but now he OWNS Golden Gate Park.


GNARLY HARLEY --To underline the importance of reducing CO2 emissions in the coming years, Tokyo bathroom fixture giant TOTO has introduced a 3-wheel 250cc motorcycle with a toilet-shaped seat and an engine that's fueled with livestock fertilizer.  The best part is, according to test scientists it gets up to 69.3 miles per roll of Charmin. 

BIG BITE -- In what is being heralded the largest court verdict ever in an international intellectual property case, the jury found that Samsung Electronics adapted Apple's designs of their I-Phone and I-Pad and awarded the plaintiff $2 billion.  Or -- as Apple calls it -- "parking meter change."

DUSTY ROAD -- Sony Pictures Entertainment hopes to repeat the success of their film-to-stage productions "Leap of Faith" and "Ghost" by reprising "Tootsie" for the Broadway stage.  Details remain to be ironed out, but the biggest challenge appears to be making up Dustin Hoffman so he doesn't look like Leona Helmsley. 

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