THURSDAY, August 23, 2012

ALOHA, HANOI -- The official airline of Vietnam, "Viet-Jet," is turning out to be the sharpest marketing knife in the drawer.  On overseas flights, the entire crew dresses in Hawaiian clothing and even provide  live entertainment -- Jane Fonda and Don Ho harmonize to "Tiny Bubbles" while grass-skirted attendants serve the engine-roasted pig. 

FORBES FEMS -- For the second year running, Forbes Magazine has crowned German Chancellor Angela Merkel the "World's Most Powerful Woman," closely followed in the second and third slots by Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.  Placing fourth through seventh is the cast of "The View."  


FOOT FAULT -- Russian tennis ace Maria Sharapova has introduced her own line of premium candy called "Sugarpova."  Among the items offered are "fruit-flavored gummy lips," and "lemon-lime tennis ball shaped gumballs."  Her "gummy tennis racket" was withdrawn after customers complained that it tasted like sweetened cat gut.   

SHUFFLE SCUFFLE -- Three gamblers have sued Atlantic City's Golden Nugget Casino claiming they were denied their $1.5 million baccarat winnings after the casino's shuffling machine malfunctioned resulting in 41 consecutive winning hands. The plaintiffs claim they played by the rules and the broken machine was the casino's problem.  Said a Golden Nugget spokesman, "We've been more than reasonable.  We offered them a lifetime pass to our $3.99 Seafood Bonanza Buffet."   

ROGER...OVER NOT OUT -- Refusing to head for the permanent showers, mound icon Roger Clements, 50, will attempt to squeeze out a few more wins as a starter for the Sugerland Skeeters, a Texas Independent League team.  What attracted him to the squad was the "Skeeter Scooter," a battery-powered mobility chair specially installed to get him from the bullpen to the mound.

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EXPEDITION NEW ORLEANS: Jazz, Crawdads, Creole, Crabs, the Caribbean and Mexico

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