TUESDAY, August 21, 2012

HURRY UP & WAIT -- Washington's Dulles International Airport is the first in the nation to install a video surveillance system to help departing passengers determine when to check in with the least hassle.  The ingenious software, developed by French time and motion scientists, estimates the wait based on the number of people in line weighed against the average times assigned to each security procedure -- Frisk (2.66 min), Grope (3.07 min), Probe (4.85 min) and Fore Play (12.56 min)

PEA COLD-COCKED -- In the midst of massive cutbacks to save a show that's "just breaking even," Jay Leno has accepted a pay cut from $25 million per year to just $20 million in order to, according to an NBC spokesman, "save jobs of the wonderful people who work with him on the Tonight Show."  A five mil cut?  Now that's what I'd call taking it on the chin.


FINTASTIC -- Former Olympic long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad is making her fourth attempt to become the first person to swim from Cuba to the United States without the aid of a shark cage.  Instead of a cage, in the event of an attack, several lawyers have volunteered  to jump in the water and appeal to the sharks to extend them the usual professional courtesy. 

MOOCHO GRACIAS -- Saddled with cattle feed-corn prices he could no longer afford, a dairy owner in Lexington, Kentucky began serving his cows candy at mealtimes which they seem to have adapted to.   Maybe a little too much.  Now before they'll give milk, he has to take them to dinner and dancing.

FEEL LIKE A NUT? -- A study released by the Journal Biology and  Reproduction found that men who ate two hands full of crushed walnuts daily improved the shape, movement and vitality of their sperm which in turn may lessen the incidence of male infertility.  Probably won't result in more kids, though.  Their partners were so turned off by the sound of cracking walnuts, they were out of the mood.

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