THURSDAY, May 10, 2012

MIGHTY STRANGE -- The current issue of Scientific American Magazine features an article by Dr. Susan Erdman, head of a team of biologists from MIT who fed normal lab mice yogurt to test its effects on obesity.  But something surprising and unexpected happened -- while the male mice gained 15% more weight, they also gained sexual prowess and their testicles grew by 5%, resulting in an ability to father more baby mice.  The scientists also noticed a certain “swagger” they hadn’t had previously and, while no sound recording exists to confirm the report, one researcher swears she heard one of them singing “Here I come to Save the Day!”

THAT’S THE SPIRIT -- Under pressure from a nationwide Facebook threat of a boycott, Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza reversed his decision to refuse a refund to a 76-year old terminally-ill Vietnam veteran who tried to return his ticket after his doctors advised him not to fly.   Baldanza apologized to the vet, admitting it was a “mistake” not to take into account the special circumstances surrounding the ticket sale.  He also offered to donate $5,000 to the Wounded Warriors veteran organization.  Which he should collect in about an hour with Spirit’s new “$100 per carry-on” surcharge.

SWEATIN’ TO THE OLDIES -- According to an article by Sophie Robemed written for the BBC, expensive, brightly colored exercise and physical fitness machines aimed at adult users are popping up in parks and childrens’ playgrounds all over Great Britain.  She calls the trend the “nudge theory” that is intended by the government to get formerly sedentary Brits off their divan and working up a sweat as a run up to the Olympic Games.  And it’s working.  A recent survey shows that 26% of those using the machines had never exercised before.  Good start.  Can portable, outdoor dental clinics be far behind?

PILOT PROJECT -- Air Force fighter pilots, Capt. Josh Wilson and Maj. Jeremy Gordon, appeared on “60 Minutes” and told reporter Leslie Staal that they were there without permission of their superiors to protest the Air Force’s insistence on keeping the problem-plagued F14 Raptor in the air despite overwhelming evidence of a mysterious defect that cuts off oxygen to their pilots causing sudden disorientation and often death.   Lucky the interview made it to the air.  After the show, CBS maintenance workers discovered evidence that someone had tried to cut off the oxygen piped into the studio.

SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL -- According to a study commissioned by Men’s Health Magazine, Orlando, Florida is the “smuttiest” city in the United States based on x-rated DVD purchases, number of adult sex toys stores, rate of on-line porn searches and number of subscribers to Cinemax, the soft-porn cable channel.  Most shocking discovery, however, were the invitation-only all-night parties held after hours at Disney World hosted by Snow White and attended by prominent rock stars, professional athletes and Secret Service agents.

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