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SPELLBOUND -- A British study of 2,000 adults conducted by Mencap found that 34% could not spell "definitely" and "separate" correctly and 77% misspelled "necessary."  A similar study conducted with a sample of New Yorkers came up with similar results.  New Yorkers have become such poor spellers, cans of spray paint now come with "spell-help" labels  for graffiti artists.

ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD -- For the first time since Affirmed in 1978, Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner "I'll Have Another" will attempt to capture horse racing's elusive Triple Crown by winning the Belmont Stakes.  It's a real rags-to-riches story.  According to his bio, Have began his career at Santa Anita as a stalking horse, auditioned for and won a part on HBO's mini-series "Luck" where he became an extra and later Dustin Hoffman's personal mount.

SAD SACKS -- The Los Angeles City Council has voted to ban plastic bags in grocery stores and supermarkets.  Most supermarket chains will offer paper bags for a quarter each while those in upscale neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Malibu will provide leather-trimmed canvas Gucci bags for $389.99. 

TILE TRIAL -- The trial of former assistant Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky on charges he molested minors in the team's shower room is about to get underway.  Hucksters are already setting up booths outside the courthouse to peddle souvenirs and collectibles -- items like soap-on-a-rope carved in Jerry's image, and rubber skid-resistant "Jerry's Kids" bathmats.  

PAIR PRESSURE -- At the national headquarters of Hooters Restaurants in Atlanta, executives have been trying to come up with novel marketing ideas  for their 430 locations that tie in with popular holidays.   So far, the strategy has paid off.  On Mother's Day, they offered customers free chicken wings and sales soared.  They wanted to follow up on that success and offer free breasts on Fathers Day but decided they already do.

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