TUESDAY, May 15, 2012

G-STRINGER -- Thirty year-old NYU School of Journalism grad Sarah Tressler has hired civil rights attorney Gloria Allred to represent her in a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that she was wrongfully fired from her job as a field reporter at the Houston Chronicle for failing to include “part-time exotic dancing” on her employment application.  Sarah hosts a blog entitled “Diary of an Angry Stripper” and is working on a book covering the same topic.  She would have gotten away with it, too, if she just hadn’t had that pole installed in her City Room cubicle.

STEADY, STEADY -- Tight rope walker Nicholas Wallenda almost fell 100 feet while performing above Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to mark the opening of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum,” a warm-up for his scheduled attempt to walk across Niagara Falls this summer.  Videos of the wobble immediately flooded TV outlets and the internet worldwide.  It’s believed to be the most extensive press coverage for a near-stumble since Lindsay Lohan’s roadside DUI test several years ago.  

TAXI! -- The Pentagon has debuted its new, 70-ton, eight passenger “hybrid electric Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV),” an armored personnel carrier developed by Northrup Grumman that’s 20% more fuel efficient than the diesel-powered vehicles used previously.  While it’s the safest mode of transportation for today’s IED-threatened warrior toiling in the sand jungles of Iraq and Afghanistan, the $11 million battle taxi hasn’t overlooked tradition – each one comes with medals of St. Christopher and Gen. George Patton embedded in the dashboard.

SKIN DEEP – Newfield, New Jersey tattoo artist and skin-piercing expert Dave Hurban recently implanted magnets under the skin on his wrist to attach his I-Pod without the need of a strap.  Using a process he calls IDermal, Hurban explained to reporters that the specially-designed magnets are called “micro-dermal anchors.”   He claims he got the idea from the magnets on his refrigerator door, an inspiration that may explain an unfortunate side-effect of the procedure – every time he opens his mouth, a light comes on.

“I’M GOING THROUGH A TUNNEL!” -- A study commissioned by the Meredith's Parents Network called the “Moms & Media 2 Project” polled 1041 women born between 1977 and 1994 (called “Millennia Moms”) on their cell phone use.  Twenty-one percent of the mothers confessed to talking on their phones in the bathroom and 12% claimed they have even taken calls while in the middle of having sex.  Eighty percent of the subjects have Facebook accounts, and as if the phone use wasn’t bad enough, 36% of them admitted to “friending” someone other than their partner while in the throes of passion.

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