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KRYPTONITE DEPOSIT -- The cancelled check that Marvel Comics paid to Superman creators Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster $130 for the rights to the Man of Steel in 1938 recently sold at auction for $160,000.  To add insult to injury, the names of both creators on the check were misspelled.  The two later sued for more compensation but lost in court. Biggest question to emerge from this whole sad affair is:  How could two guys who were able to come up with a character who's able to see through his girlfriend's clothes not be able to see through such an unconscionable, one-sided deal?

DEAD RINGER! -- A team of zoologists and archaeologists from Cambridge University has uncovered evidence that the first horses to be domesticated by man lived in the Ukraine, southwest Russia and west Kazakhstan.  The scientists studied nuclear DNA from 300 horses in eight countries in Europe and Asia.  Along with equine skeletal remains, the scientists also discovered a score scroll from the first known game of horse shoes they estimate was played in 3,678 BC.  Of course, the game was much more dangerous than it is today – the shoes were still attached to the horse.

GREASY SPOONERIES -- After eight nominations for the prestigious award, San Francisco’s “Boulevard,” located in the only remaining building to have survived the 1906 earthquake and fire, has copped the top prize as “Outstanding Restaurant” from the James Beard Foundation, recognized as the world’s premier restaurant ranking organization.  Runners up included “Blue Hill” and “Balthazar,” both in New York City, “Highland’s Bar and Grill” in Birmingham, Alabama and Philadelphia’s “Vetri.”  Tied for last place were “Morrie’s House of Pink Slime” in Atlanta and Seattle’s “The Smoked Salmonella Grill & Pub.” 


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