MONDAY, May 21, 2012

CLARABELLE RINGERS -- This weekend as over a thousand members of a group that calls itself the “Clown Bloq” descended in full clown garb on the city of Chicago, site of the 2012 NATO Summit to, in their words, “provide hilarity in the face of a humorless police state and to provide a fool’s critique of organized and militarized repression of the people.”  Chicago’s landmark Parker House Hotel, where a majority of the clowns had booked rooms, temporarily suspended their usual offer to shine guests’ shoes free when left outside the door.  

IN FROM THE COLD -- Two of the three Cal Berkeley hikers who claimed they had wandered over the Iran border by mistake in 2009 and served two years of an eight-year sentence for espionage have married in northern California.  Throughout their ordeal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd insisted they were not spies but simply hikers with inadequate compass training.  Now that their covers have been blown, the C.I.A. admits that both were undercover operatives.   Shane’s assignment was to photograph Iranian Dairy Queens suspected of concealing uranium processing plants  and Sarah’s to pose as an Avon Lady and infiltrate Amadinajhad's harem.

STIFF SNIFFERS -- Debuting on CBS September 23, 2002, “C.S.I.: Miami,” a spin off from the popular series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” was to begin its tenth season this year.  Instead, CBS has cancelled both ground-breaking police procedurals.  Fans of  shows were shocked and most expressed remorse.  In honor of the genre they credit with making their previously obscure jobs intimately familiar to faithful viewers throughout the country, real crime scene investigators from coast-to-coast paid the series their highest honor – a “21-snap rubber glove salute.”

CLAYMATION BUILDING -- The Pentagon has put on public display a clay and Styrofoam model of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Ahmadabad that was constructed from satellite photos to aid in the preparation of the raid that successfully killed him.  Aside from the the half million dollar cost of the model, the Pentagon paid $3 million to Warner Brothers, Disney, and 20Th Century-Fox for the rights to use Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Nicholas Cage, Robert Downey, Jr., Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger action figures as simulated  members of Seal Team Seven. 

FOR THOSE WHO THINK DEAD -- To commemorate the 25Th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album, Pepsi will distribute two billion limited edition cans featuring the image of the dead pop icon in South America, Africa, Asia, China and the U.S.  The estate of Michael Jackson will receive a substantial royalty for use of the image.  Once again, as they were so prone to do during his life, Jacko’s critics have accused his estate of copying the estate of Elizabeth Taylor.

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