TUESDAY, July 3, 2012

TOLLS FOR THEE -- Key West, Florida, home to Earnest Hemingway in the 1930s,will host their annual “Papa Lookalike Contest” on July 20, welcoming 125 white-bearded men who will drink Cuba Libras, suck on Cuban stogies and generally comport themselves as the world-renowned author of “The Old Man and the Sea."   Some new rules this year, though.  No more bull fighting in the bar and Russian Roulette with shotguns.

CAKE MIX -- The state of Michigan's Office of Highway Safety Planning has provided two hundred bars and restaurants "talking" urinal cakes that when moistened warn against driving while under the influence.  Not that they're always effective.  One guy who was asked by cops why he didn't heed the warning, said, "I thought the bartender was a ventriloquist."

BONZAI! -- Barry Becher who was most well-known for introducing the American consumer to Ginsu Knives which he pitched in fast-talking TV commercials in the 1960s has passed on in Palm Beach, Florida at age 71.  Billed as “the sharpest knife in the world,” the blades were virtually indestructible and were guaranteed for 50 years.  And if you ordered in the next 15 minutes you also got the chopper, the dicer, the mincer, and a handy carrying case.  But wait, there’s more… 

WHERE THE WILD GOOSE GOES -- Ornithologists from the University of British Columbia have successfully measured the oxygen-use of ultra high flying bar-headed geese which can reach 20,000 feet while migrating over the Himalayas.  The study was commissioned by the U.S. airline industry to determine which preflight cocktail least impairs a pilot’s high-altitude reflexes.    

SUDDEN DEATH -- A well-known men's clothing designer in Colombia named Miguel Caballero has introduced his latest creation, a bullet-proof golf shirt.  It's obviously intended for drug cartel kingpins who love the links because it's featured in a "Tee-To-Green Combo" that includes a set of Smith & Wessen golf clubs you can lock and load.

HONORARY MUPPET -- Bob Hope and the Muppets enjoyed a mutual admiration that came across on the screen every time they appeared on one of our specials or he guested on their syndicated series. They taped their weekly show at Elstree Studios near London, and whenever we were in England, Hope was sure to drop in.  They guested on many Hope specials and always added a delightful touch to the festivities.  Hope's friendship with them had to be the warmest comedian-puppet relationship since W.C. Fields and Charlie McCarthy.

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