TUESDAY, April 17, 2012

On the movie front, the Farrelly Brothers bring us “The Three Stooges” starring Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Jane Lynch which opened at theaters nationwide.  Complete morons with absolutely no sense of responsibility or concern for the safety of themselves or those around them stumbling aimlessly through life.  But enough about the Farrelly Brothers.

Office supply mogul and owner of Staples Center Philip Anschutz is has offered to purchase an NFL franchise for Los Angeles as long as they use his stadium.  But Phil has attached a few weird conditions to the proposed deal – like a copy-center next to the souvenir counter, Texas Cheerleader-style girls wearing uniforms woven out of paper clips and free laptop computer check-ups during half-time.

Dr. Conrad Murry, convicted of killing Michael Jackson by prescribing too much propophol used as an anesthetic during surgery, watched with disappointment as Los Angeles Judge Michael Pastor denied him bail while he appeals his four-year sentence.  To add just the right touch of irony to the proceedings, before pounding the gavel, the judge said, “That’s my decision for now… but I’ll sleep on it.”
New documents just disclosed indicate that executives of Virgin Airlines asked the U.S. to ease up on airport searches during the Easter holiday to reduce bottlenecks during the biggest rush season of the year.  As expected, the Department of Homeland Security not only refused but doubled personnel assigned to pat down searches, much to the displeasure of Virgin.  On the plus side, they uncovered 387 Easter eggs -- 241 more than last year.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest working barber in the world is 101-year old Anthony Mancinelli who has been cutting hair for 90 years.  Tony has hosted presidents, several princes, Mafia chieftains, movie stars and celebrated athletes such as Joe DiMaggio.  His biggest regret is that he didn’t listen more closely when Sampson asked for “Just a little off the sides.” 

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