THURSDAY, June 7, 2012

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH -- Confirming the rumors that have been swirling for weeks, Paul McCartney has announced that he will headline the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London on August 12. And it wasn’t easy.  According to judges, Paul was the winner, defeating Ringo, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards with a combined score of 9.73.  Mick silvered and Ringo bronzed while Keith was disqualified for taking performance-enhancing drugs.  

MOUND MASTER -- Since the New York Mets’ first game in 1962, they had completed 8,019 games before pitcher Johan Santana pitched their first no-hitter last week, leaving only one major league team, the San Diego Padres, without one.  Actually the Mets have been involved in hundreds of hitless games.  This is just the first time it was the other team that didn’t get any.

SEA HUNT -- Facebook may begin allowing pre-teens to open accounts linked to their parents’ sites.  The move is a response to a Consumer Reports study that showed more than 7.5 million Facebook accounts are operated by users below the 13 age limit with a majority under 10 years old online without parental supervision.  Those users are usually spotted and barred from the social network, however, when they “friend” SpongeBob SquarePants.     

LAWRENCE OF KLEPTOMANIA -- A book checked out of the Navan, Ireland main library in 1932 has been returned by the borrower who slipped the volume through the book depository slot in the dead of night.  Shouldn’t be difficult to collect the $738.46 fine, though.  Records show that “How To Make It Big In The Movies” was checked out by an 7-year old named Peter O’Toole.  


PALACE PALAVER -- Song and dance with Bob Hope and George Burns who had not had time to rehearse before performing the soft shoe before a studio audience at NBC in Burbank. The number was edited from over an hour's worth of footage into a six minute segment of "Bob Hope Salutes the Palace Theater" which aired in the fall of 1978. 


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