THURSDAY, September 6, 2012

COME ON OUT! -- Celebrating the fortieth anniversary of "The Price is Right" with a special featuring clips from TV's longest-running game show, producers reportedly refused to invite 36-year veteran host Bob Barker to appear.  Well, actually he was invited but passed.  They wanted the 88-year old to jump out of an Amana upright freezer wrapped like an Egyptian mummy.  

ALMOST LOVIN' IT -- Hoping for a trend, McDonald's has launched their first totally vegetarian restaurant in Mumbai.  Managers are making a gallant effort to create the same McDonald's experience for the vegan crowd, but it's been rough going.  How can they ever expect to match the "Billions Sold" sign with menu items like "Tofu McNuggets," "Eggplant McMuffins" and super-sized "French Fried Asparagus Spears"?


FRIENDLY PERSUASION -- As a new daytime talk show host, Katie Couric plans deliver a variety of hard and soft interviews -- you know, like asking politicians what magazines they read.  And then she might mix the hard and soft in the same  interview -- like the one she's scheduled to do with Lindsay Lohan on the subject of women's jewelry.


POP! -- Fully expecting to break new ground in the kiddie film genre, producers of the $60 million "The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure" instead are licking the wounds of what may be the biggest floperoo in movie history.  The Cloris Leachman and Christopher Lloyd starer is so dreadful, five-years olds were walking out on it -- without their parents -- and some theater owners had to screen an old Muppet movie to avert crowd violence.


BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL -- Walmart announced that their holiday gift lay-away fee has been reduced from $15 to $5.  That's so typical of the country's largest retailer.  Ever alert to customers' individual needs, they even did away with the traditional "Back to School" sale and replaced it with the more realistic "Back to Remedial Math and English" sale.

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