WEDNESDAY, September 19, 2012

EXPRESS CHECK-IN -- Lindsay Lohan has been asked not to return to the Hotel Marmont in Hollywood after running up a bill for $46,000.  Well, it wasn't a room charge exactly.  She recently drove her car into the reception area and took out the fountain, a bank of telephones, and three bellhop stations.

LIES, LIES, LIES -- A recent study on lying has found that men typically tell twice as many prevarications, white lies and fibs at the workplace as their female counterparts do.  Actually, I'm lying. The figure is really one-and-a-half times.  See? I can't help myself.  I've done it again.  There was no study. 

HUT HUT -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has opened world's first pizza museum devoted to the history and phenomenal growth of the multi-billion dollar industry.  After taking a poll of the first visitors, plans for a special section devoted to the history of the anchovy have been scrapped.   

TWO-BY-TWO -- Despite solid profits and a steady stream of repeat customers, Hooters Restaurants will update its menu and service staff uniforms "in order to appeal to both male and female guests."  To which twenty-three million men replied: "They serve FOOD at Hooters?"

WHAT IS 48 MONTHS? -- Given a clean bill of health after his recent heart attack, Alex Trebek has signed to host four more seasons of "Jeopardy."  A longtime friend confirms rumors circulating around Hollywood that twice a day, Alex burns candles in front of a statue of Merv Griffin.

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