WEDNESDAY, June 13, 2012

SPF 100 -- A travel agency named Bare Necessities has organized a nude cruise aboard Carnival’s 3,000 passenger Freedom which departs this week for eight days through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean...

... Nude cruising is up 10% over the last ten years and those who have tried it say the most difficult part is explaining to the TSA airport screeners why they’re on vacation without any luggage.

ONE RINGY-DINGY -- A team of researchers from the University of Portsmouth School of Computing has developed an app that automatically evaluates incoming calls and rates them according to their probability of causing the recipient  stress or discomfort using a color-coded system of warning lights from green (positive) to red (stressful) and blue (neutral)...

... All well and good mental health wise, but the best feature is the flashing clear light that identifies a telemarketer.

WELCOME WAGON -- The city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia stands as a monument to China’s twenty-year building boom that once thrived here but now has produced a virtual ghost town with no permanent residents.  The town was built during the Great Mongolian Coal Rush when local residents sold their land to coal mine companies that denuded the landscape, leaving a pock-marked desert... 

... The boom fizzled and the buildings now stand unoccupied. Hard to believe, but even without a population, there’s a Starbucks on every corner.

HOT TIN ROOF -- The State of Idaho has ruled that the name “Five Wives Vodka” is offensive to women and Mormons and will not license the beverage.  However, rumors are circulating that the distillery may be purchased by the estate of Elizabeth Taylor and their product renamed "Wilder Hilton Todd Fisher Burton Five Husbands Vodka."

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Bob Hope sings a tribute to vaudeville's Palace Theater with blooper guest stars Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Ann Jillian, Brooke Shields, Olivia Newton-John, Tom Selleck, Catherine Bach, Perry Como, Pat Boone and John Forsythe.


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