FRI, SAT, September 21, 2012

PROUD PANDAS -- Under the watchful eyes of keepers who know the difficulty of breeding Pandas in captivity, a pair of them at the National Zoo in Washington on loan from Beijing have given birth to a cub.  You can tell the little guy knows he's Chinese.  He immediately offered to perform for the tourists cheaper than the California Brown Bear in the adjoining enclosure.

TAB A INTO SLOT B -- The CEO of IKEA is scheduled to retire next year after thirty-four years with the company.  He'll receive the traditional IKEA sendoff -- a Swedish meatball retirement dinner with lingenberries from the head office's rooftop garden and a golden screwdriver with his name engraved on it.

MAIDENFORM -- Singaporeans lined the streets to greet Prince William and Kate Middleton arriving from London for a short holiday.  The trip was planned by the
Palace to get Kate's mind off of her current problems with long lens photographers, but it's apparently not working.  She overheard another British tourist ordering a "Singapore Sling" and thought he was making fun of her.

SPLINTERED -- Lindsay Lohan was charged by New York City police with leaving the scene of an accident after hitting a pedestrian with her rented car shortly after leaving a nightclub at 2:30 am.  In Lindsay's defense, it was partially the pedestrian's fault -- he was dressed like a tree. 

ROUND-AND-ROUND SHE GOES -- The TV commercial advertising meter at this year's Super Bowl will be spinning at a record-breaking $7,000,000 per minute.  Which actually is very patriotic -- it's  just about the same increase-per-second as the national debt.     

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