TUESDAY, September 4, 2012

DEFLATED -- According to a post-Tampa Gallop Poll, Mitt Romney failed to realize the "bounce" GOP punsters had predicted.  Even more demoralizing to whatever hopes
Republicans have of capturing the Oval Office, if the election were held tomorrow, Clint Eastwood would defeat both candidates by a wide margin.

FRYING PAN -- The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has reached a settlement with Fry's Electronics for $2.3 million in a case in which a whistle-blower exposed the company's attempts to cover up employee sexual harassment.   Always alert to fresh marketing vistas, Fry's has vowed to meet or beat any sex harassment settlement with Best Buy, Office Depot or Staples.

WIGGED AND WEDDY -- Campbell's has introduced a series of limited-edition, Andy Warhol-inspired soup can labels that recall his send up of consumerism that put him on the art map.  According to reports, the tomato soup is so authentically Warhol, you can almost taste the faint aroma of a Manhattan loft with traces of drying paint and stale marijuana.

SWIMMING WITH THE FISHES -- After six seasons of Snooki, the Situation and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" gang, MTV has pulled the plug on its highest-rated show that had plunged from nine to about four million viewers each week.  In keeping with the series' lofty themes, network executives packed the remaining prints into a large canvas bag, weighted it down with rocks, and tossed it off a New Jersey pier at midnight.

BOTTLED IN BOND -- A forty-three year old  fisherman, sailing east of the Shetland Islands off Scotland's coast, found a bottle containing a note asking the finder to report its location. Dated June 1914, it's believed to be the oldest bottle ever recovered from the ocean.  But a Polaroid photo in the bottle might disprove that.  It shows Mel Gibson mooning the British in "Braveheart."    

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