THURSDAY, September 13, 2012

FOOT FETISH -- As if the hanta virus scare isn't enough, Yellowstone Park rangers have discovered that twenty-four of the park's elk herd are afflicted with an athletes foot-like fungus.  So far, wildlife veterinarians are stumped as to a treatment plan but until they come up with one, they're bathing the affected hooves twice daily with Absorbine Bullwinkle.

ARCH DE TRIUMPH -- The French auto industry is appealing to the government to impose higher import fees on Korean auto makers Hyundai and Kia, charging the foreign manufacturers with undermining their sales with cheaper, more reliable cars.  May have something to do with the model names, too -- the Hyundai Waterloo and the Kia Surrender.

ROYAL CUE BALLS -- Film restorers at Bradford, England's National Media Museum stumbled upon a 110-year old film canister containing a clip of the world's first color footage taken by the inventor of the process, Edward Raymond Turner, in 1902.  It proves that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The clip shows the Duke of Windsor playing strip billiards with three dancers from the Follies Bergere. 

DRAGNET -- Now that Tom Cruise has been cut free from former spouse Katie Holmes, the Church of Scientology is assisting him in locating the future Mrs. Cruise.  Apparently, the world's entire female population is in the running.  For a list of minimum requirements to qualify for an interview and to obtain an application form, go to www.nuttycult.com.

NO PARENTAL CONSENT -- One hundred and one-year old Florence Detlor of Menlo Park, California has been confirmed as the most elderly of Facebook's  1,000,000,000 users.  As expected, her identity caused a media frenzy.  She told reporters that she joined primarily as a networking tool to find a job, a husband, and colleagues from her World War I defense plant job with whom she's lost track.

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