WEDNESDAY, September 12, 2012

PRE-ADULT CONTENT -- Featuring popular online games such as "Angry Birds" and "Fruit Ninja" as well as wi-fi connectivity and fifty preloaded apps, Toys R US has introduced the "Tabeo," a fully-functional tablet style computer for kids.  Just like their adult counterparts, the unit includes access to "x-rated" (lower case) videos of kids pelting one another with spitballs when the teacher leaves the room. 

HOW HOT WAS IT? -- Carson Daly and his girlfriend Siri Pinter are the proud parents of a baby girl born last Sunday night.  No mention of a name as yet, but you can bet it will be show biz oriented.  Carson's parents actually gave him that name hoping it might later help him become the first host of the daytime version of the "Tonight Show."

I AM NOT A CROOK -- Robert Woodward, first half of the famed Woodward and Bernstein whose book on Watergate deposed Richard Nixon, has written a new book entitled "The Price of Politics," that critics are finding dull, plodding and barely finishable.  Everything about the book says "Over-the-Hill."  For instance, remember "Deep Throat"?  Well, in this book his ultra secret, unimpeachable source is "Deep Prostate."  

SAY CHEESY -- The once unassailable giant among amateur photographers, the Eastman Kodak Company is cutting jobs from the boardroom on down, dumping 2700 employees with 1000 more to exit by year's end.  An inability to adapt to digital photography is blamed.  One bright note, though.  Canned workers will receive a free "Kodak Moment" -- a photo of themselves being handed their pink slip.  

READY TO RUMBLE? -- Fans of pro rasslin' have been chomping at the bit  anticipating the cable channel promised by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon three years ago.  Money is certainly not the problem -- $40 million has been raised for the launch.  Seems there's a worldwide shortage of qualified choreographers and Spandex tutu repair seamstresses.

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