TUESDAY, September 18, 2012

ASBESTOS FLAGS -- Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker whose 10-minute YouTube clip Muslims have condemned as sacrilegious and that sparked attacks on U.S. Embassies across the Middle East, has been taken into protective custody by Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies.  This pretty much puts the kibosh on his next picture which was scheduled to begin filming on location in November -- "Ishtar II."

LOVIN' IT -- Along with U.S. troops, the invasion of Iraq brought America's top fast food restaurants which have completely dominated the taste buds of the average
Iraqi on the street.  Now all the problems you'd expect are emerging.  They've discovered what's in a double Whopper with cheese... they call French Fries "weapons of mass destruction"... and they've tried to topple the statue of Ronald McDonald.  

CODE NAME: JAYBAMA  Three new SNL cast members debuted, among them Jay Pharoah who was hired to replace Fred Armisen as the house Obama.  Everyone sensed a change was in the works a month ago when producer Lorne Michaels requested Secret Service protection for Jay. 

CHRISTIAN WARDROBE -- Tom and Katie  Cruise's daughter Suri has been enrolled in an ultra-exclusive Southern California Catholic grammar school that counts Madonna and Lady Gaga among its former students.  It's run by an obscure French order of nuns -- the Little Sisters of Saint Laurent. 

SUDS 'N' STUDS -- Nine Vietnamese women and a Malaysian car wash owner were arrested after suspicious vice officers discovered that customers qualified for free sex after nine punches on their Subway-style proof-of-visits card.  Further investigation revealed that a customer could request a free condom as well by asking for "extra Armor All."

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