FRI, SAT, SUN, August 19, 20, 21, 2011

In a heartless display typical of TV Executives, TBS canceled George Lopez's late-night talk show without advance notice.  Let me get this straight.  George's ex-wife didn't ask for her donated kidney back and TBS is taking back his TIME SLOT?

Believed to be a first in what has widely been considered a beer-drinking culture, a pit crew chief for NASCAR was arrested for selling marijuana.  Officials became suspicious when they noticed that some crews were rolling more joints than race cars.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano received a 30-day suspension for what the team said was "misconduct."  What did Carlos do?  Well, in the big leagues, stealing bases and signals is permitted, but stealing another player's Hollywood starlet girlfriend is a no-no.

Today Show morning chat guru Matt Lauer recently revealed to an interviewer that he makes $17 million per year.  Which raises the question we'd all ask if we ever got the chance to meet him in real life -- $17 million won't buy you a better haircut?

A new Pew research study of cell phone users found that 13% say they have faked an M2D2 voice to get out of talking to someone.  That's not surprising.  What's surprising are the 37% of women who say they have faked an orgasm while texting.

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