FRI, SAT, September 28, 29, 2012

RECIPE ROW -- A United Airlines flight out of Raleigh-Durham to Chicago was forced to turn back after a fight broke out on board.  Turned out to be a couple of stewardesses who had to be separated by passengers.  Seems the argument arose when they couldn't agree on whether the pilot's mid-flight Bloody Mary was made with Russian or domestic vodka and if he preferred a celery stalk.

DESIGNATED DOCTOR -- A study out of Canada published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that accidents decreased when doctors for the elderly decided when they should stop driving.  The doctors installed a GPS device on their patients' steering wheel that alerted them whenever the turn signal was left on for over ten minutes.

WRANGLING WATCHES -- Two of Switzerland's most famous timepiece manufacturers, Rolex and Omega, are in a bitter bidding battle for exclusive sponsorship of the upcoming World Championship Ryder Cup Tournament.  Both boast exceptional workmanship but Omega claims superior accuracy while Rolex says that Tiger's Roley proved it can take a licking and keep on ticking.

FRIES NAZI -- McDonald's has launched the "M Channel," beamed into 700 restaurants  that promises news, entertainment, sports and weather delivered exclusively to Micky-do customers.  Some of it, though, is obviously in the "rip-off" category.  For instance, there's a sitcom starring Ronald McDonald that features three friends and a wacky next-door neighbor living in new York called "McSeinfeld."

RUBBED OUT -- According to an exclusive story in the New York Post, producers of a movie on the life of mobster John Gotti currently filming have replaced Lindsay Lohan who had been signed to play Mrs. Gotti.  Too bad.  Seems to me she was perfect for the role. The safest place for Lindsay in a car is the trunk.

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