TUESDAY, September 11, 2012

TECH SUPPORT -- Unwilling to watch female employees they've painstakingly trained quit their jobs to start a family, Google has greatly increased the duration of their maternity leave.   Microsoft isn't quite so accommodating.  Over there the gals get the same amount of leave, but they're required to have the kid in India.

YEA TEAM! -  Madonna wore a sexy red-white-and-blue drum major's outfit at a recent concert in Philadelphia and told the crowd to appreciate their freedoms as
Americans.  And then the symbolic image of eternal youth she was hoping for was completely negated when the audience noticed she was twirling an orthopedic baton.

BAA, BAA, BAA -- According to a study on higher education, the once-freely available scholarships to the more prestigious Ivy League campuses have declined by an alarming 10% due to soaring tuitions.  Bottom line: we've probably seen our last U.S. president with a Harvard degree -- unless they open the Oval Office door to Saudi Arabians. 


VIDEOMANIA -- The hottest new tourist attraction in Washington is the Smithsonian Museum's new $10 million exhibit entitled "The Art of the Video Game," displaying the earliest excuses for students to skip their homework.   Don't know about you but doesn't that seems a tad expensive just so a dad can teach his kid how to play Pong?

TOTS AS TOYS -- A Canadian dance instructor is now taking applications for pole dancing lessons designed for girls as young as first grade.  Kristy Craig told a CBS interviewer that the classes cover a wide range of skills including fluidity of movement, gymnastics,  and where to tuck the monopoly bills tossed at them by their male classmates.

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