WEDNESDAY, August 31, 2011

Based on a best-seller, the  movie "The Help" is doing surprisingly well at the box office. Arnold Schwartzenegger is reportedly attending Mass again and praying that tell-all books written by maids doesn't become a fad. 

Burger King, continuing its quest for a healthier menu, has added old-fashioned oatmeal to its breakfast choices.  Must be Quaker Oats.  When Ronald McDonald made fun of the King, he turned the other cheek.

Barack Obama's uncle was arrested in Framingham, Massachusetts and charged with drunk driving.  The booking procedure took longer than usual because he couldn't produce what they considered an authentic enough birth certificate.     

A Scottish mortuary has developed an eco-friendly machine that liquefies dead bodies in three hours and emits fewer green house gasses than cremation.  American scientists who've tested the device says it works even faster on bodies that have had a head start like, say, Mel Gibson's or Lindsay Lohan's.  

Long awaited by blood n' gore film fans, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” has opened wide.   Unfortunately, some of them aren't showing up because they're afraid of the dark.   

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