TUESDAY, August 30, 2011

A recent sports survey shows that Labron James is the most unpopular player in the NBA.  Even his teammates can't stand him.  Since he arrived, they've purposely refused to share their keg after the game, and won't disclose the name of the team's Dr. Feelgood or its bail bondsman.

A new study on mental deterioration due to aging has shown that one shot of alcohol per day substantially lowers the risk of Alzheimer's Disease.  In light of the new findings, the Betty Ford Clinic has been renamed the "Center for the Over Medicated."

A Michigan man whose truck struck four other cars before coming to a halt told police he lost his brakes and tried to slow down by dragging his foot on the ground.  Already he's back to work -- with a new nickname -- "Stumpy."

Online dating now has everything -- a web site devoted to singles interested in finding a partner but not in sex.  If it sounds like something for you, check it out at http://NotTonightIHaveaHeadache.com

Researchers at IBM have developed a computer chip that mimics the human mind It also comes in a female version that has no fear of asking a stranger for directions, can't learn to use a TV remote and prefers the temperature 10 degrees higher than the male chip.

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