A young female shopper in Pendleton, Oregon was taking advantage of Wal-Mart's "Back-to-School" sale when security personnel tactfully asked her to don a T-shirt over her barely effective bikini top.  She finally agreed to don the T-shirt, but not before the greeter conducted a three-hour interrogation.

That 22-year old former Playboy Bunny who got cold feet and left Hugh Hefner stranded at the altar last month will nonetheless collect a sizable settlement from Mr. Hefner.  An unlucky break for Hef, but his lawyers' hands are tied.  It's all spelled out very clearly in the pre-autopsy agreement.

President Obama has unveiled new fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks.  He's also predicting that the housing market will rebound and average people will again be able to afford their own homes.  Unfortunately, they'll be those same cars and light trucks.

Wal-Mart has announced that it will begin streaming live on its web site, walmart.com.  It's kind of an educational site.  Now you can learn how Wal-Mart stock clerks unload the cargo containers from China.

Greenway University, advertised as the first college equipped to teach the cultivation and harvesting of cannabis for medicinal purposes, has been ordered to close its doors.  It really wasn't the first, though.  That honor goes to Texas A&M -- Acid and Marijuana.

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