FRI, SAT, SUN, September 2, 3, 4, 2011

Two burglars wearing fake Time-Warner Cable uniforms were arrested by LA cops.  Police say it was the uniforms that caused neighbors to call them.   Of course, even when a real cable installer shows up is suspicious enough to rate a call to 911.

The Little league team from Huntington Beach defeated Japan to win the World Series.  Which just proves once again that a baseball team from southern California can win if the players aren't distracted by the owner's divorce.

Believed caused by the stress of her recent wedding, Kim Kardashian has developed the skin disease psoriasis.  But in a way she's lucky.  Her welts spell out the names of well-known designers.

House majority leader Eric Cantor is urging fellow GOP members to work with him to repeal liberal environmental laws that impede oil drilling and prevent new hiring.  He's got lots of support. Most Republicans now call the Endangered Species list the "menu."

Archeologists digging in Kenya have unearthed axe heads made 1.76 million years ago, much earlier than previously thought.  Some were extremely sophisticated.  One had seven blades and a label scratched on the side that said "Swiss Army Ax."

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