WEDNESDAY, August 31, 2011

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has launched a major book tour to promote his new memoir "In My View."  He's hitting almost all the talk shows and even offered to go on "The View" if Barbara Walters would allow him waterboard  Joy Behar.           . 

In Germany, a flashmob recently torched luxury cars on the streets of Berlin.  Luxury does have its demands, though.  Arsonists using regular gas failed while those dousing the cars with premium got flames immediately.

Disaster was narrowly averted when two beehives being smuggled on a Russian Aeroflot passenger plane tipped over and the bees escaped.  The pilot tried to alert ground personnel but the flight controllers, having just finished a nap, thought he was just buzzing the tower.

As Hurricane Irene approached the east coast, all the casinos in Atlantic City were evacuated and boarded up to withstand the high winds.  Despite the precautions, Irene's winds hit a slot machine handle in Harrah's and won forty dollars in nickles.

A rare shortage of the popular anesthetic propofol forced many hospitals to adapt available substitutes to put surgery patients under.  One enterprising clinic in Lower Manhattan forced them to watch clips of Robert Wagner explaining how reverse mortgages work.
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