MONDAY August 15, 2011

Thanks to high unemployment and a floundering economy, for the first time, more people are canceling cable TV subscriptions than are signing up.  Could take awhile, though.  You thought the cable installer took a long time to show up -- wait 'til you try the uninstaller.

Los Angeles laker hoop star Ron Artest has signed a contract to play for a basketball team based in London.  He's had to take a crash course in the game's pecular British terminology.  For instance, jump shots are called "lifts," a time-out is called a "Big Ben" and a third foul penalty is called a "Tower of London."

Forty-five thousand cell phone carrier workers have walked off their jobs at Verizon.  They may be ticked off at the company's treatment of them, but they haven't given up their free perks -- and they look a little silly walking a picket line holding up signs printed on their cell phone screens.

Conservative-leaning Kelsey Grammer told friends and supporters that he's considering a run for mayor of New York City.  He may be serious.  He's already earning campaign cash working as a radio call-in psychologist at WABC.

Kobe Bryant has let it be known that he's bored with the NBA lockout and would play for a Turkish team willing to pay him $1 million a month.  Kobe should be used to lockouts.  His wife locks him out of their bedroom after almost every road trip.
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