TUESDAY, August 16, 2011

Former president Bill Clinton surprised some of his former White House aides by endorsing New York's same-sex marriage law.  He's really matured since his Oval Office days.  He's also endorsed same-sex troubled marriage legislation.

Exxon Mobil, long holding the title of most valuable corporation in the United States, has been dropped to second place by Apple Computer.  Which explains why last week someone spotted T. Boon Pickens skimming the leaves on Steve Jobs's swimming pool.   

The prequel to "Planet of the Apes," "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," continues to rake in plenty of bananas at the box office.  The picture is gaining in popularity particularly among Reagan Republicans.  Turns out one of the leads is a the great grandson of "Bonzo."

Oceanographers are at a loss to explain an orange-colored substance that suddenly appeared on the water in the remote Alaskan harbor of Kivalina.  The same thing happened last summer on the beaches of Maui but that just turned out to be House Speaker Boehner snorkeling.

A federal court in Chicago will decide once and for all how far companies can go when claiming product superiority over a competitor.  Ball Park Hot Dogs sued Oscar Meyer for claiming their dogs contain more gristle, ground up bone fragments, animal muscle tissue and nitrates than Ball Parks.

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