THURSDAY, August 25, 2011

Libyan rebels surrounded Col. Muammar Gaddafi's palace but he appears to have fled and is now in hiding.  Rebel agents have staked out every uniform shop in and around Tripoli just in case he sends out for more medals.

The frenzied pack of GOP presidential hopefuls have booked so many softball interviews at Fox News, the FCC may investigate.  Could be risky, too.  Governor Rick Perry made the mistake of letting Greta Von Susteren get too close and had to have her surgically removed by his proctologist.

Al-Queda threatened to cut out David Letterman's tongue after he joked about the Muslim jihad.  Less than thrilled with his staff, Dave checked with CBS Legal to see if his contract allows him to behead a writer.

Scientists at Exxon-Mobil have discovered that the fat cells found in alligators may be used as a cheap alternative fuel.  Gas prices are so high in Italy, when the news was announced, a guy was spotted stuffing his designer loafers into his tank.

The NFL is considering hiring its first female official.  They've been testing a candidate they believe would be perfect for the job, but there's a problem -- every time she drops the handkerchief, one of the male refs picks it up for her.

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