THURSDAY, August 4, 2011

A Mississippi dad was cited by police when they discovered he had allowed his eight-year old son to drive the family car for more than forty miles on a major interstate.  The father told police he was putting safety first -- the boy was the only one in the vehicle wearing shoes.

Now that NFL owners and players have reached an agreement, training camps are back in full swing.  And not a moment too soon.  Apparently a lot of players spent their time during the lockout pounding down the Big Macs -- eight out of ten wide receivers now are. 

America's largest clothing chain, the Gap, is making an all out effort to redefine its image after failing to post a profit since 2005.  A recent survey showed the brand is viewed unfavorably when compared to its closest competitors Old Navy and Banana Republic.  Even worse, it ranks below a real banana republic -- El Salvador.   

One of the provisions in the newly-ratified agreement between NFL players and owners is an "educational outreach program."  The players will return to their colleges on alumni day and apologize to their classmates who had to actually
attend classes to earn their degree.

Long thought to be the result of a shrinking population, the exodus of nude Germans sunbathers at formerly popular Baltic seaports has finally been explained.  The Germans haven't given up nude sunbathing -- they just decided to invade the beaches in Poland.

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