WEDNESDAY, August 10, 2011

The Cellar at New York City's ultra-trendy eatery Beecher's now offers a specialty martini that tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich.  And for non-Jewish martini-lovers, there's even a ham-flavored olive.

Kobe Bryant may sign to play off-season basketball in Turkey.  He hasn't actually announced that yet, but there are plenty of tip-offs. He signed a two-month lease on the penthouse at the Ankara Hilton, he has six belly-dancers on call and he's hired a diamond ring expert from Van Cleef &
Arpels as a valet.    

Bill Gates has offered $41.5 million for the designer who can come up with a better toilet.  There are some pretty interesting prototypes on the drawing board already.  One model, designed especially for young parents, features a low level potty-trainer, a slot for used diapers and a dead turtle chute.

Faced with a homeless population that's even worse than that in the U.S., a Dehli-based home builder is offering a dwelling ready for immediate occupancy that sells for $750 and can be assembled in seven days.  Terrific if you've got a week to lock together 6,387,412 Lego pieces.

Rumors are racing around the NFL that Brett Favre, on-again-off-again Green Bay QB, may be acquired by the Eagles as a backup for Michael Vick.   Probably won't happen, though, because Philadelphia coaches are wary that Farve, known to work like a dog and fight with team owners, might cause Michael to relapse.

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