TUESDAY, August 23, 2011

A study of movie-goers reveals that many of them become nauseous when viewing movies shot in 3-D.  Director James Cameron took advantage of the phenomena and made vomiting a fun diversion among the Avatar crew on the way to the planet Pandora. 

Shell oil has received permission to begun off-shore drilling in Alaska.  The EPA demanded some pretty strict conditions.  For instance, in the event of a spill that destroys wildlife, Shell had to agree to provide free to the public a supply of those little yellow balls that snap on the end of your car's radio antenna.

A study of international sexual habits shows that for adulterers, Paris provides the most discreet hotel workers.   Yet another reason that the makers of Viagra often use shots of the Eiffel Tower in their European TV commercials.

A study of youth sports shows that high school and college basketball players suffer fewer injuries on the court if they wear braces on their ankles.  Already, Nike is developing the LaBron James "Mr. Achilles 500" that will sell for $95 a pair.

California wildlife officials are investigating the siting of a huge capybarra living in a Paso Robles water treatment plant.  A native of South America, the capybarra is considered the world's largest rodent -- if you don't count Lamar V. Swine,  a grossly-obese Mississippi lawyer with an office in Natchez.

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