MONDAY, August 22, 2011

French actor Gerard Depardieu was ejected from a City Jet flight for urinating in the aisle.  No big surprise here -- "depardieu" is a French term that became popular during the reign of King Louis XIV that roughly translated means "Has my dampness ruined your cape?"

NBC executives are excited over their new series "Playboy Club" scheduled to debut in the fall.  It's reportedly so authentic a depiction of Hugh Hefner's dream, to watch it you need a special key that fits a slot in back of your TV set.

A study of popular medical mores shows that a married man suffering a heart attack will more likely receive prompt treatment than a bachelor with the same symptoms.   Makes sense.  After those wedding bells ring, you can be pretty sure that stabbing pain in your heart isn't caused by Cupid's arrow.

This is the most exciting time of the year in the NFL.  The groundskeepers are laying down new chalk lines, the trainers are checking and double checking their equipment, and the new draft picks are assigned a locker, a parking space, and a training Hollywood starlet.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Brett Favre's agent insists that his aging client has no interest in signing with the Miami Dolphins.  Too bad.  The Dolphins were already preparing to make him feel welcome -- they installed a new shower with wheelchair access and everything.

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