THURSDAY, October 11, 2012

LOAVES AND FISHES -- To appeal to younger patrons, The Olive Garden will be featuring more modern-looking TV commercials.  Most people don't realize how long the Garden has been around.  To give you a hint, their first commercial had Jesus in it.


STONED --Over fifty ancient Aztec skulls were unearthed by archaeologists at Mexico City's Templo Mayor.  Most have been authenticated as dating between 1325 and 1521 except one that bears a suspiciously uncanny resemblance to Keith Richards. 

ALLSTATE NIGHTMARE -- Fifty-two drivers and their passengers were injured on Sarasota, Florida's I-75 when 46 vehicles were involved in a chain reaction collision caused by one reckless driver.  What Lindsay Lohan was doing in Florida is what her probation officer would like to know.

PHILLY PHEED -- Philadelphia's Museum of Natural Sciences recently hosted a $100 per plate dinner that featured "Cuisine From the Collection" including crickets,
worms, seaweed, farm-raised python, buffalo and jackrabbit.  In keeping with the wildlife theme, diners were allowed to tip in roots, dried bark, and bat droppings.


ICE AIR -- Rather than prosecute illegal aliens from Mexico, the government is flying them back over the border without costly legal proceedings.  Several have filed lawsuits against the INS.  Seems they flew them back on American and their
seats came loose while they were handcuffed to them.

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