FRI, SAT, October 26, 27, 2012

FOX HOLE CHIC -- Indicative of the Army's new fem-friendly attitude, Kevlar body armor designed for combat wear is now available for women.  The vests come in three sizes "Petite," "Regular," and "Full-Figured Warrior."

GEEK GEAR -- According to initial reports, Microsoft's new operating system Windows 8 due out next week is overly complex and won't make non-techies happy.  One nice touch, though.  At log off, Bill Gates comes on the screen and apologizes.

SURF 'N' TURF -- With a four-cylinder, BMW engine, the $40,000 Quadski is the first all-terrain, land-water jet ski to become commercially available.  Which came as great news to Lindsay Lohan.  Finally, she can move to Malibu.

BACK TO BASICS -- In San Jose, CA, Apple VP Phil Schiller introduced the new $329, 9.7 inch I-Pad mini that's, he announced proudly, "as light as a piece of paper and as thin as a pencil."  To which the audience responded, "What's paper?...  What's a pencil?"    

INSUBORDINATION -- William Shatner confessed to reporters at the Star Trek Convention that he never realized how much his fellow actors despised him.  True.  In fact, they now confirm that whenever Captain Kirk asked Scotty to beam him up,  Scotty always murmured under his breath "Beam this up, Ball Sack." 

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