WEDNESDAY, October 10, 2012

JUST THE FACTS -- Police have formally charged a man who confessed to murdering his ex-girlfriend on "Jerry Springer" after he had denied he did it on "Dr. Phil."  Credit the confession to the traditional police interrogation technique -- "Good Talk Show, Bad Talk Show."

TAKE A TART TO WORK -- Environmentalists lent their full support to New York's "National Plug-In Day" to promote the sale of electric cars.  Little did they know that the ad agency had to pay the New York Hookers Association for the use of their annual slogan.

ICE HEIST -- Actress Julianne Moore reported the theft of $127,000 in jewelery from her Manhattan brownstone during renovation.  Police
inventoried the purloined items, dusted for prints and put out an APB for Lindsay Lohan.

MEOW -- According to the Broadway League, the highest-grossing shows of all time are "Phantom of the Opera,""Cats" and "Les Miserables."  All did well at the box office but "Cats" made the biggest mess -- 7634 hair balls and 812 shredded prop couches.

HAVANA BOUND -- After years of red tape spooling, The U.S,. Office of Foreign Assets Control has approved cultural tours to Cuba.  Expected to draw record crowds is Grand Circle's Fidel Castro ride -- that's not a machine... you actually get to ride Fidel Castro.

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