WEDNESDAY, October 3, 2012

I SQUEEZED MY HEART -- The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has approved a building code provision allowing blueprints for the smallest homes in the nation -- 220 square feet -- about the size of the average jail cell.  Hey, they'll probably fly off the shelves.  If that's enough space for Lindsay Lohan to live in, why not San Franciscans?

 McDOWN DOG -- An unusually alert chemist working for the FDA noticed that a chemical listed as one of the ingredients in McDonald's McRib sandwich is also found in the formula for yoga mats.  Bravo for Micky-Doo.  It's the first time a fast food giant has offered a menu item that, when sewn together, can help a customer lose weight. 

IN PEACE AND WAR -- Is nothing sacred?  First the Secret Service and now an FBI agent has been disciplined for frequenting known prostitutes when visiting non-U.S. soil.  In defense of the special agent who tried to act within the Bureau's guidelines -- he only engaged hookers who bore a striking resemblance to J. Edgar Hoover.

BZZZZZ -- IKEA has distributed a catalogue throughout the Middle East which is a mirror image of their regular catalogue except for the omission of women models.  Well, almost all women.  In the hobby section, one is shown using the solid pine, easy-to-assemble bee hive hutch wearing a bee-keepers mask. 

PUMP YOU UP -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, hyping his book "Total Recall" on 60-Minutes, was roundly excoriated by fans and critics alike for his blase, remorseless interview during which he told Leslie Stahl, "Having a child with the maid was my biggest mistake."  No, Arnie, your biggest mistake was thinking the audience would buy you and Danny De Vito in "Twins."     

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