WEDNESDAY, October 31, 2012

MONSTER'S BALL -- The annual Penn State Pen, convict-sponsored Halloween Show was extra special this year.  Most popular among the general population was the Jerry Sandusky costume -- except for Jerry himself.  He went as the D.A. who prosecuted him.

MICK'S MIX -- The Rolling Stones will celebrate fifty years of rock 'n' Roll dominance with concerts in London and new York City.   Five decades of wear and tear have taken their toll.  Sharp-eyed fans may notice that their electric guitars now have a pacemaker app.

FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG -- Word's out that Bravo is developing a reality series based on the war for cola drinkers waged between Pepsi and Coca-Cola in the 1980s.  It's fashioned after early TV's quasi-sports game shows -- it's called "Belching For Dollars."

ATLAS SHRUGS -- Garnering icy critics' comments from "a muddled mess" to "a confusing mishmash" to "disappointing," the Tom Hanks-Halle Berry time-shifting starrer "Cloud Atlas" has died-in-the wool Hanks fans longing for the days when Tom was satisfied  just falling in love with a soccer ball.

LIFETIME SUPPLY -- In Rio De Janero, 61-year old Leticia Rovati Asti, gave birth to twin girls.  Wow.  Those three will go through so many Pampers, the company has already hired mom and the kids to wave to the crowd from their Marti Gras float.  

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