TUES., October 23, 2012

WEAK WEEK -- Disney parks will soon offer "Limited Time Magic" themes "designed to surprise" regular patrons  -- like "Reasonable Admission Prices Week," "Souvenirs You Can Afford Week," "Meet Mickey Whose Breath Doesn't Reek of Cheap Muscatel Week" ... 

SHOWER POWER -- Freshman convict Jerry Sandusky is being isolated  from anyone whom the guards believe might try to harm him.  And, of course, he's being kept away from the younger inmates.  They're really not taking any chances.  He's not even allowed to use Absorbine, Jr.

COIN OPERATED -- Hundreds of solid gold Roman coins dating to the fifth century were found buried in a Hertfordshire, England flower garden.  Their authenticity is beyond question -- with the possible exception of the two with portraits of Liz and Dick.

G'DAY MATE -- Sharp-eyed passengers on an Air Canada flight bound for Sydney, Australia  spotted a disabled yacht adrift in the ocean below and alerted  the Aussie Coast Guard.  Lucky it wasn't an American flight.   Ever try to look out the window when your seat is flying around the cabin?

GOT THE MESSAGE -- After 30 years of faithful service, Wendy's little girl trademark is being modernized to, according to the ad agency,"make her more contemporary."  She still has the freckles and straight-out pig-tails but now she's shown texting while driving.

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