TUESDAY, October 16, 2012

KNICKLEODEON -- The average age of the New York Knicks is thirty-three which  makes them the oldest team in the history of the NBA.  Unfortunately, it's effecting  the quality of their play.  In a recent game, a Knick was penalized for traveling.   Actually, he was drooling, but the ref ruled it was close enough.

SHOULDER ARMS -- California Democratic Congressmen Brad Sherman and Howard Berman almost came to blows during a debate in which Sherman suddenly grabbed Berman around the shoulders.   It's the first known instance of two politicians getting that close without picking each others' pockets. 

EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME -- The 30-year picture-book marriage of Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman appears to be facing cancellation.  And on such seemingly flimsy grounds.  According to friends, they couldn't agree on what to  watch on TV -- he prefers "Taxi" reruns while she leans toward "Cheers."

BAAAA -- In Dakar, Senegal a popular reality TV show called "Khar Bii" (This Sheep)  uses American Idol-inspired judges to crown, at season's end," the country's  prettiest sheep.  The show draws as many as 6 million viewers, most of them  American farmers watching it on cable.  

BUFF BAN DEBATE -- The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will debate a bill that  would ban public nudity except in those places where nudity has traditionally been  legal in San Francisco.  Such places include at home, at work, in theaters, at the  beach, in bars, in nightclubs, in church... 

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