WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2012

SILENT NIGHT -- This Christmas marks the 85th anniversary of the Radio City Rockettes.  Of course, their repertoire has changed some over the years with numbers like "Deck the Halls With Boughs of Catheters," "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Osteoporosis," and "Shuffling in a Winter Wonderland." 

SAY CHEESE BALL -- A hidden trail camera near Phoenix, AZ caught a shot of a rare species of jaguar which according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department is the only western hemisphere cat able to roar like a lion.  Unless, of course, you count Joy Behar on "The View."

CORK IT -- This year's drought in Europe has resulted  in the worst wine grape harvest since 1962.  It's so bad, wine snobs throughout France's Bordeaux Region are actually attending wine-and-cheese tasting parties for the cheese.   

TUMMY TUCK -- A man living near Beijing required surgery to remove an inflatable sex toy from his lower intestine.  He told doctors that, while drunk, he ate his girlfriend thinking she was undercooked calamari.

PUDDING PROOF -- Surrey, England seven-year old prodigy Alma Deutscher not only reads music and plays piano, violin and cello, but she has written her first opera entitled "The Sweeper of Dreams" which has critics raving.  But you know what they say -- "The Opera Isn't Over Until the 7-Year-old Prodigy Sings."

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