SUN, MON, October 14, 15, 2012

GREEN LIGHTED -- In his new movie "Argo," Ben Affleck plays a CIA operative who hatches a plan to smuggle six Americans out of 1980 Iran by having them masquerade as a movie crew filming a fake sci-fi picture.  Admittedly far-fetched, but he seals the deal by giving the Ayatollah an associate producer credit and back end points. 

FACE OFF -- Unlike the NFL which tried to get by with substitute officials during a  strike, the National Hockey league has cancelled games through October 24, due to  a labor dispute with players.  Just as well.  The NHL owners were threatening to use  substitute pucks.


McBAN -- L.A.'s Children's Hospital has become the first in the nation to institute a  ban on clowns whether coming to visit or entertain.  They've been gunning for them ever since they caught Ronald McDonald  sneaking Big Macs to obese kids awaiting lap band surgery.


BIO-ILLOGICAL -- The Australian National Health scrambled to recall a brochure  that mislabeled the lungs as the stomach and the ovaries as kidneys.  They moved  fast but not before there were several multiple births by mothers thinking they were having kidney stones removed. 

SOME WHEEERE -- Judy Garland's gingham dress from "The Wizard of Oz" is up for  auction in New York and is estimated to bring as much as a half a million dollars.   Not unlike Judy's shoes that turned out to be so valuable.  Of course, that  bidder got a bonus -- there was a Munchkin napping in one of them. 

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