THURSDAY, October 18, 2012

FINGER FOOD -- A new report from travel experts shows a marked increase in foreigners visiting the United States.  It's proving to be a mixed blessing for New York cabbies -- more fares, but now they must be fluent in six obscene hand-gesture languages.

ART DEPARTS --  In the largest fine art heist in the history of the Netherlands, thieves broke into Rotterdam's Kunsthal Museum and made off with paintings by Picasso, Monet, Gauguin and Matisse.  Not that they didn't have plenty of warning.  One of the Monets was entitled "Thieves Breaking into the Kunsthal." 

FOLLOW THE BALL -- Singer Byonce has been signed to headline the next Super Bowl halftime show.  Which came as bad news for Lady GaGa who had been campaigning for the gig all summer.  Resigned, she told reporters, "That's the way the byonce bounces."


FRIENDS OF BILL -- The Commissioner of Baseball has requested that teams reduce alcohol consumption in their locker rooms.  High time.  Most teams have more players in AA than Triple-A.

PERSIAN MARKET -- Iran has plans to enter the electronic age with a bang, launching their own version of the Internet.  Of course, they have a slight advantage over the U.S., China and India -- they don't need a Bill Gates.  They already have Amadinajad. 

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