FRI, SAT, October 12, 13, 2012

DO THE HUCKLE BUCK -- A Kennebuckport, Maine Arthur Murray dance instructress was arrested by vice officers and charged with prostitution.   May get off the hook, though.  Her lawyer has pointed out that nowhere in the state law does it say that horizontal dancing is prohibited. 

BIG MACQUE -- In Tampa Bay, Florida, a wild rhesus macaque monkey who has a Facebook page and has been featured on the Colbert Report bit a woman on the back.  Wildlife officials are at a loss to explain the behavior.  He was calmly calling Bingo numbers when suddenly...

LANCE LANCED -- After years of denials, cyclist Lance Armstrong was slammed with a detailed, 200-page report from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency including sworn testimony from eleven of his teammates that he used drugs.  According to one witness, it got so blatant he was sucking nitrous oxide from his bicycle tires.

DISSING DISNEY -- Disney theme park patrons are saving a bundle by renting day-passes from ticket agencies who buy the discounted 5-day passes.  They're bilking Disney's movie grosses, too.  Two people share one ticket, watch half the
movie and describe to the other what happened during the half they missed. 

WHEN YOU WISH -- The Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA is featuring "500 crown jewels" from the Walt Disney archives including artifacts, props, costumes, and animation artwork -- including drawings of three Dwarfs that didn't make the cut -- "Snotty," "Horny" and "Scabby."   

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